The Blessings of April | Mikaela & Josh

There’s something about spring weddings that just excites you. Mikaela and Josh’s wedding was one of those events that we were just head-over-heals in love with. To begin with, the weather was absolutely beautiful! Mikaela’s mother, Kathleen, let us know that they were extremely easy-going and the only thing that they really desired was for the weather to be perfect. Mother Nature provided exactly that! It was consistently warm throughout the day with a slight breeze that provided a refreshing air to the wedding. Needless to say, everyone was content with the outcome of the spring weather.

During Mikaela’s father’s speech, we were notified of how hard Mikaela worked to make her wedding flawless. And to say that she worked extremely hard is an understatement. Mikaela works full-time and attends graduate classes at night, but still managed to pull off an amazing wedding. She designed all the tables herself, where each table was adorned with a gray overlay and, on it, were floral wreaths with a black lantern centered in the middle. We were absolutely taken aback by the simplistic, yet beautiful, arrangements. On the guest table, lanterns and greenery was also placed to match the theme of Mikaela and Josh’s wedding. Also, on the table was a map of Charlottesville that guests signed. We thought it was such a neat idea to have a map of such significance be a memorable object. We loved all of Mikaela’s ideas and can’t wait to share them with our other couples!

Along with new beginnings of couples are also new beginnings that happen at Keswick Vineyards. Mikaela and Josh were the first to get married at our “fountain fall location.” We couldn’t have been any more thrilled to have discovered a new location for our couples to get married at. The chairs were set up with a slight curve so that all focus was on Mikaela and Josh for their ceremony. They decided to participate in the “blending of the wines” during their ceremony. On the wine barrel that was placed in the middle of the quadrant of the fountain were two wine glasses—one glass of white wine and another with red wine. Virginia, the officiant, had Mikaela and Josh drink out of each glass and then pour their wine into one glass. The “blending of the wine” into the one cup was symbolic of their future lives together, where they now live one single life that is devoid of individualism. We couldn’t have imagined a better way to start their lives off—with a representation of how they will live their lives together.

The remainder of the night was spent dancing the night away! We absolutely loved seeing everyone “getting down” on the dance floor and enjoying themselves. We hope that the rest of Mikaela and Josh’s lives are spent succumbed to this much happiness-- congratulations Mikaela and Josh!

A Special Thank You to the Following Vendors: Day of Coordinator: Keswick Vineyards, Catering: Pumpernickel Pickle, Hair & Makeup: Marci Corle, Photographer: Julie Napear, DJ: Mark Allen, Officiant: Virginia Moore, Transportation: Blue Ridge Tours.