Peggy & Steven Hit the Jackpot at Keswick Vineyards | Peggy & Steven

You never know when you pick your wedding date what the weather is going to be like.  It is always something couples worry about when they are planning an outdoor wedding.  When Peggy and Steve booked Saturday, July 7th, 2018 as their wedding date a little over a year ago, they had no idea that they would win the jackpot when it comes to weather.

I can’t imagine a more perfect weather day a couple could have.  Leading up to July this year has been very wet and humid.  Not this week.  Thankfully, a cold front came through and provided us cooler weather, zero humidity, blue skies and a breeze!  Seriously, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Besides our couple hitting the jackpot with the weather, Keswick Vineyards hit the jackpot with such a sweet couple.  Peggy reminded me of a Barbie doll.  Her petite stature in her beautiful dress with the perfect proportioned bouquet was perfection!  And Steve, wearing his blue suite made this couple look like living Barbie & Ken dolls. Besides being such a good-looking couple, they were the sweetest along with their family friends.  So happy Keswick Vineyards were able to give them their “jack pot” wedding.  Congratulations Peggy & Steven!

Thank you to the following vendors:

Wedding Planner and Florist: Natalie Zhou, Caterer: Southern Inn, Officiant: Bingyi Yang, DJ: Matthew Luck, Photographer: Carl Li, Videographer: Perry Chen, Hair and Makeup Artist: Joey Chen.

Brian Schornberg