A Mother's Love | Danielle & Matthew

Danielle and Matthew finally tied the knot at Keswick Vineyards on August 4, 2018 after a 7 ½ year relationship!   They had family and friends visiting from Texas to England and many other places just to see the matrimony of these two. Talk about great friends! 

While the couple’s friends were able to make it from all over the world, Danielle’s mother, unfortunately, was not because of her passing last year. Danielle ensured that she was there in spirit, though! Various ideas were incorporated displaying the fact that Danielle’s mother, truly, was there with her.

Before Danielle’s mother’s passing, they took a trip together to Spain and purchased a beautiful piece of lace. Danielle had that lace made into her wedding veil (special thanks to Jeanne Cusick for making it for her).  As Danielle walked herself down the aisle, essentially, her Mother was with her for every step. 

For their ceremony at our fountain, an aisle seat in the front row was reserved for her Mother. A framed picture of Danielle and her mother and a “reserved for the Mother of the Bride” sign was placed on that chair. As one of Danielle’s maids of honor walked up to her spot, she placed her bouquet onto that chair. We did not doubt for a second that Danielle’s mother was watching her little girl marry the love of her life and was completely elated for her.

Danielle’s mother not only was present during the ceremony, but at the reception as well. In the gazebo, a table with pictures of Danielle and her mother, candles, and a banner was setup in memory of her. Guests were overjoyed and awe-struck by the overwhelming presence of Danielle’s mother.

Guests were able to celebrate the remainder of the night in jubilation at the matrimony of Danielle and Matt. The couple incorporated a little bit of Maryland into their reception by serving their guests crab cakes, which were nothing short of amazing! While they also brought a cake from Maryland, they had the Sweet Frog frozen yogurt truck for guests to enjoy. Nothing could be better than some frozen yogurt on a hot summer night. I think that the entirety of the guests enjoyed the bearings of Danielle and Matthew’s wedding.

Danielle and Matthew, we hope that you enjoy the remainder of your life together, reveling in happiness like you have been for the past seven plus years together. Congratulations to you both!

Thank you to the following vendors for all of their hard work:

Event Planner: Keswick Vineyards, Caterer: The Catering Outfit, Photographers: Maja and George Fiala, Desserts: Sweet Frog, Makeup and Hair Artist: Jeanne Cusick, Officiant: Claire Frances, DJ: Dennis Payne, Musicians: Mike D’Antoni and Ella Jacob, Transportation: Quick’s Bus Company, Lighting: Skyline Tent Company, Rentals:  Festive Fare.

Brian Schornberg