A Close-knit Bunch | Corbin & Kim

Closing out our triple wedding weekend was the marriage of Kimberly & Corbin on Sunday, June 2nd.  Throughout their entire wedding I really got the feeling that this was a close family & friends’ reception.  It really was apparent when their DJ, Mike Beene, did a new game for us. Previous blogs of ours have mentioned the shoe game.  That is when the couple is seated back to back on the dance floor and have to answer questions that are asked of them by raising up his or her shoe for the answer.  A question might be, “Who said I love you first?” Hopefully they both would raise the same shoe giving the same answer, but it is really funny when they don’t match.  So, with this new game, all the guests get to participate. Mini-chalk boards are handed out. The DJ would ask a question, and everyone would write down their answer and then hold it up.  It was interesting to see how well each guest knew or didn’t know the couple.

Mother Nature was being tricky this day.  It appeared that a storm would be hitting right at ceremony time.  So, the decision was made by their event planner to play it safe and go with the rain plan.  For our rain plan, the ceremony is moved under the reception tent. As you can see by the photos, it is still beautiful!  I’m sure a lot of their guests didn’t even realize that this was a rain plan versus the real ceremony location. Cocktail hour was also prepped to be held under the tent since those take a lot of time to set up.  Luckily, the rain hardly fell, and the couple was able to immediately head outside to take advantage of the beautiful back drops Keswick Vineyards provides.

My favorite thing from this wedding had to be their desserts.  Kimberly and Corbin decided to pass on a traditional wedding cake and instead do Duck Donuts!  You could tell guests couldn’t wait to finish dinner to attack that table that was beautifully displayed with wood spindles for each flavor of donut.

As you can see, this close-knit wedding had a lot of fun together.  Just look at the seriousness during the bouquet & garter toss. Guests continued doing line dances together to create ever lasting memories of this beautiful day.

Thank you to the following vendors: 

Catering by Southern Inn Catering
Wedding Planner Logan Powell
Officiant Dave Herring
Desserts by Duck Donuts
DJ Mike Beene of Richard Green Entertainment
Photographer Holly Walsh

Brian Schornberg