The Power of Bourbon! | Alyssa & David

Congratulations to Alyssa & David who were married at Keswick Vineyards on Saturday, May 25th!

Alyssa & David owe a big Thank You to Alyssa’s mom, Joyce.  She came a month before their wedding date to do the Southern tradition of burying a bottle of bourbon to ward off any rain and boy did we test that tradition!  Storms came within 1 ½ miles but between the magic of our mountains and that Southern tradition, not a drop of rain dared to fall. So yes, I’m still a big believer in burying a bottle of bourbon.

Another thing I am a big believer in is hiring an experienced wedding planner.  I can’t think of a more experienced wedding planner than Barbara Lundgren, the owner of Barb Wired.  She is known to be the Fairy Godmother to her couples, and it shows. She is always there to make sure every detail is done to perfection.  She also provides that steady, calmness that so many families need on their wedding day.

This wedding had lots of prettiness with their burgundy accent color scheme, using a window pane to display table assignments, to having a guitarist play for both the ceremony and cocktail hour.  At night, Keswick Vineyards beauty still continues to impress guests with the fountain lit up, the estate highlighted with up lighting and the glow of the tent. No matter what time it is, Keswick Vineyards continues to awe guests.  And if the prettiness of their wedding day wasn’t enough, the delicious family-style dinner definitely satisfied everyone’s tummies!

Special thanks to the following vendors for providing the magic to make Alyssa & David’s dream wedding come true: 
Event Planner: Barb Wired
Caterer: Roadside Chive
DJ: Primetime Sound
Musician: Stan Hamrick
Photographer: Klaire Dixius (please note, the photos in this blog were taken by Owner of Keswick Vineyards, Cindy Schornberg)
Videographer: Carly Rae Film
Hair & Make-up: Brideface RVA
Officiant: Christy Foldenauer
Florist: Barnswallow Bloom
Transportation: A&A Limousine
Rentals: MS Events
and Skyline Tent Company

Brian Schornberg