Stranger than Fiction | Ana & Henry

We got a call a week before Ana & Henry’s wedding that was to take place on Saturday, May 26th, to let us know that Ana had broken her leg and they weren’t sure if she would be able to walk down the aisle.  “No problem”, we said, we could take her in our golf cart down the aisle if necessary. To our relief, Ana got clearance from her doctor that she could put some weight on her leg and would be able to walk down the aisle!  Instead of this princess wearing a glass slipper, she got to wear a lovely boot☺

So, having a bride break her leg just before getting married is strange enough, right?  Well, not for this couple. I sure did see some strange things that lead to such laughable moments that none of us will forget.  To begin with, there is Eugene. I first met Eugene when I walked in on the groom dressing Eugene. I must have had this puzzled look on my face when they explained to me who Eugene was.  Eugene is a doll that mysteriously showed up one day in Henry’s dorm room and they have been inseparable since then. I just love how Henry made sure Eugene was dressed to the nine in his white tuxedo and glittery gold top hat.  I should of know after meeting Eugene that this wedding might be a little different than others and I was right.

I’m sure most of you reading this blog are aware of a couple doing a first look, right?  For those who don’t, it is when the couples see each other for the first time before the ceremony to allow them to get some photos out of the way before the ceremony.  Well, Henry was not a real fan of a first look, but Ana and the rest of the wedding party had “pressured” him into going along with it. The day was getting away from them and guests were already showing up when Ana still insisted, they do their first look.  So, Henry took his position and nervously waited for that moment when he would turn around and see his beautiful bride. All the groomsmen were watching through the windows and could see Henry was starting to tear up just thinking about this moment. Finally, that moment came, and Henry got the tap on his shoulder to turn around to see his soon to be beautiful wife.  Well, to Henry’s surprise, instead of seeing Ana in her wedding dress, one of his male friends was standing there dressed in a wedding dress and veil! Everyone busted out laughing and it was just what Henry needed to take those wedding jitters away. He couldn’t believe Ana and everyone else managed to keep that a secret from him. Way to go Ana! Pretty much anything else happening that night would not surprise me.  This has to be one of our most fun weddings.

As you can see by these photos, this group was in for a good time!  I just love how the wedding party posed in front of our fountain like the sitcom “Friends”.  So cute! The food was delicious! This is the first time I have seen shish kebabs served at a wedding and everyone gobbled them up!  Look at that cake and dessert table!!! And the music, well it kept everyone on the dance floor all night long!

Thanks to all the vendors who helped make this wedding so much fun!
Catering by Pumpernickel Pickle
Desserts by Chandler’s Bakery
Entertainment by DJ Kurt from Astro DJ
and Photobooth from Astro DJ
Photography by Dmitry Gotkis (please note the photographs in this blog were taken by owner of Keswick Vineyards, Cindy Schornberg)
Wedding Planning by Rachel Schools
Officiant Gage Volbert
Musicians Chestnut Oak String Quartet
Hair & Make-up by Studio FBJ
Transportation provided by Blue Ridge Tours
Rentals by MS Events
Tent Lighting by Skyline Tent Company.

Brian Schornberg