Virginia is for LOVERS

As the saying goes, Virginia is for lovers and it was clear to all attending Kathy & Michael’s wedding on Sunday, September 1st at Keswick Vineyards, these two were definitely in love!  Not only was their love for each other obvious to all, but their love for books was just as obvious by all the ways they incorporated it into their wedding décor.  

As guest arrived and approach the gift table centered under the porte cochere, they found a large box to put their cards in that looked like a cluster of books on a bookshelf.  Located in the East lawn was a wooden wine rack that had “emptied” Keswick Vineyards wine bottles with a card hanging from them to show seating assignments. Each card hanging from a wine bottle was made to look like the card you would find inside a book you were about to check out from a library.  Also, each table was identified by using the name of a great author versus a number. And if that wasn’t enough to convince their guests they loved books, there were the centerpieces. At each table was a stack of books accented with some ivy, flowers and large wooden lanterns to create a truly unique display.

There was another “love” that the couple definitely wanted to capture on their wedding day and that was their love of the beauty of Keswick Vineyards.  Kathy’s father built this magnificent arch with fencing on each side to be used as a backdrop for family photos. It was strategically placed right in front of the vineyard to take advantage of its greenery and fullness and the mountains.  Between having their ceremony in front of Keswick’s iconic fountain and photos in front of the vineyard/mountain, I’d say they almost covered it all but there’s even more at Keswick Vineyards. With the aid of a golf cart, the couple managed to take advantage of more great photo backdrops before heading back to enjoy the rest of their evening under the Aurora tent with their family and friends.

Thank you to all the vendors who made this event so LOVEly:

Wedding Planner: Danielle Lafoon, 3 Tier Event Planning
Photographer: Kori Price (The photos in this blog were taken by owner of Keswick Vineyards, Cindy Schornberg)
Caterer: Roadside Chive
Hair/Make-up: Studio 360
Florist: The Flower Shoppe
Cake: Pearl’s Bakery
DJ: Sound Enforcement, T.D. Layman
Officiant: Heather Zelle
Rentals: MS Events
Photobooth: Photobooth of Charlottesville
Buses: Easy Riders Bus Company
Get-away Car: Camryn Executive Limousine

Brian Schornberg