Dodging Dorian | Megan & Daniel

The southern tradition of “burying the bourbon” is a quickly growing trend with more and more of our couples digging a hole and planting their nice bottle of whiskey. Just as Megan and Daniel did for their wedding on September 7th, 2019. As you may know by now, this tradition is intended to ward off bad weather and ensure the beautiful ceremony you’re dreaming of. I’ve always thought it added a unique and fun element to the wedding and the build-up of planting the bottle in the ground a month prior also adds excitement leading up to the special day!

So, what happens if the bottle isn’t fully buried and a part of it begins to peak out of the ground after a lot of rain? Well that is what happened leading up to Megan and Daniels wedding. Everyone was hearing about the news of Hurricane Dorian and the wreckage it caused. Then they started reporting its path turning north up the east coast with possible storms happening in Virginia on Saturday! We were sure that this could not be accurate because we knew Megan and Daniel had buried their bourbon already… so naturally we decided to go check it out. That is when we discovered that a part of the bottle was peaking out of the ground! Quickly, we sprang into action and covered the bottle back up, pressed the dirt in and even watered it down a little to ensure it settled around the bottle. Naturally, Hurricane Dorian veered out further into the Ocean and Saturday was a gorgeous September day!

The ceremony was flawless with the glorious green of the summer trees and vines with puffy white clouds floating in the sky.  Hedge Fine Blooms brought some of that summer beauty to the bouquets, cake and centerpieces too! When you have over a dozen tables to decorate, filling the beautiful Aurora tent, I think it’s a great idea to mix and match the centerpieces. Megan and Daniel did just this as some of their tables had beautiful floral arrangements with big roses and hydrangeas, while other tables were adorned with 3 pillar candles and circle of greenery. Both styles being very elegant and of the same color palette helped make each table unique, but the tent as a whole stay coordinated.

Congratulations to the happy couple and we were so thrilled to be such a huge part of their amazing wedding! Thank you to all the vendors who came together to make the day so wonderful:

Wedding Planning by Cindy and Brian Schornberg of Keswick Vineyards
Catering by Harvest Moon Catering
Florals by Hedge Fine Blooms
Entertainment by DJ John Garland
Cake by Commonwealth Cake Company
Photography by J&D Photography (Photos in this blog were taken by Cindy Schornberg, owner of Keswick Vineyards)
Officiating by Julie Trump
Hair and Makeup by Jeanne Cusick
Transportation by Ambassador Limousine
Lighting by Skyline Tent Company

Brian Schornberg